Here are list of projects I have worked on and some services I deployed. The list contains projects which are under maintenance, archived and some of my coursework projects. The services in the list are mostly develop by other developers on github.

You can also access some of the services I deployed and my projects which are under maintenance on

List of Contents


Under Maintenance


A simple Short URL service written by C++ drogon framework. You just need to input the URL you want to shorten and click Generate button, you can get the short URL to copy. You can also go to 404 page to access services provided by UICHCC.

Genshin Tieba Rank

A website to watch statistical data of Genshin Impact Tieba, including rank of each user, number of signup user, number of posts. You can even search for some events which happened before Genshin Impact launched.

Blood Data Management System

A simple website to manage results from blood routine examination manually. The frontend is React(Ant Design) and the backend is Express. The project is written in TypeScript. The GitHub repository of backend is DRJ31/BloodDataExpress.


The target of the project is to provide signin, vote, score and rank functions in UIC poster exhibition. The system has successfully worked for 2019 and 2020 poster exhibition. The project is currently deploying in the internal network of UIC, which could only access with UIC internal network.

Syllabus Management System

This is my FYP project, which is designed for managing course syllabus from different schools. Due to incomplete design, the project has a low completion which contains only the basic functions like register, login, create, edit and delete syllabus etc. However, it could still be an example of developing RESTful Spring-boot project with IntelliJ IDEA.


Image Fusion Tool

A simple long image fusion tool implmented by OpenCV(C++), which is the final project of Digital Image Processing.

Phone Book

A contact app using Linux socket programming in GTK3.0, which is the final project of Networking.

Brew Day

A home brew management app using Java Swing.

RPC Chat

A chat app working in interal network using PyQt5 and Python xmlrpc.

Lost and Found

A website which provide lost and found service, which was written by Django.

Fruit Pair

A simple JavaScript game which use php to store and access data from MySQL.


Popub Docker

Docker version of a simple reverse proxy tools. The original repo is m13253/popub. There are 3 built docker images:


A website that initial target is to help us decide where to eat after class. It has abandoned now because the target is not clear and it is temporarily unneeded. Though it is abandoned, it could still be a simple reference to golang gin framework project.